Wire Rope Compound

TORQ’s specialty Wire Rope Compound Grease has been developed keeping in mind, the specific requirements of wire rope applications. Our WRC adheres well to strands and has excellent penetrative strength. It has been formulated to reduce friction and provide excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance which in turn help in extending the operational life of the wire ropes and chains.
Inorganic Clay based Wire Rope Compound

High Temperature Characteristics

Rust and Corrosion Preventive


Mechanical Stability

Oil Seperation Resistance

Low Noise Contribution

Good Thickening Effect

Good Lubricity

Product Name Base Oil Type Base Oil Viscosity (in CST at 40°C) Solid Lubricants Operating Temperature (°C)
WRC-B Mineral 1600 MoS2 & Graphite -20 to 300°C

Available in 1 kg | 5 kg | 18 kg | 180 kg

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