The Specialty Lubricants Manufacturer Of The World

Tribo Industries is one of India’s leading specialty lubricant & grease manufacturer well known for technical innovations, superior quality & custom designed products. Our range of specialised lubricants & greases are manufactured to outperform in the most extreme conditions where conventional lubricants fail to provide adequate lubrication.

State of the art manufacturing facility, laboratory with research & development centre

Complete range of industrial, automotive & speciality lubricants

Premium quality, high performance greases, oils & pastes

Technical support to help you choose better

Customised solutions for your application

Presence all over the country through a network of distributors & warehouses


Quality Assurance

Quality is at the heart of everything we do, all our products are tested as per ASTM standards and dispatched after a rigorous quality approval process.

Only the best base oils are used and are blended with world class additives under the most stringent processing and testing methodologies.

Additional quality control measures by means of third party audits for quality on a regular basis.

Corroborate in-house and third party results to ensure constant improvement in quality as well as ensure unbiased opinions on the quality of the products.


Fully automated
manufacturing facility

World-class lab
for testing and analysis

Blending capacity of
8500KL of oils per annum

Manufacturing capacity
of 3600 tonnes of
grease per annum

Technical Prowess and Innovation

Extensive Product

Capacity to develop
tailor-made products

Onboard with technical

Collective experience of
over 50 years

We make doing business easy!


Quality products,
competitve pricing

Competitive pricing for products
that strive to exceed the quality
parameters set by industry



Un-biased technical advice to
help you choose better



Variety of different packaging
options to reduce inventory costs



For on-time and prompt delivery

To be the first choice for customers looking for specialty lubrication solutions by continuously innovating, evolving & upgrading our technologies at work. Our team of engineers continuously strive to provide products that are industry leaders in performance.

Values and Principles



We are committed to maintain the highest level of integrity, ethics & fair business practices in each of our spheres of operations. Each of our employees are trained to ensure that integrity remains at the core of everything we do. Whether it is a sales enquiry or a technical support concern, you can be sure that what we promise is what we deliver.


Commitment to Quality

It is our constant endeavour to provide the highest quality products to our customers. We, therefore make use of the best of minds and machines to consistently deliver the highest quality products. Our commitment to quality is possible by means of procuring the best raw materials available, having the most stringent quality control measures & use of latest additive technologies.



We believe that consistency in actions and products can play a big role in defining the identity of a company, both to its clients and workforce. Every decision we take revolves around this central principle. We strive to be consistent in terms of our products, our business practices and our customer relations.