Speciality Lubricants for

Wind Power Industry

Proper lubrication is critical to extending the life of the various parts of a wind turbine. A significant challenge is the different lubrication requirements of these parts. Torq formulates solutions that function as multi-specialty products to ease the logistical hindrance of carefully using the correct lubricant for a particular component. Torq’s range of specialty lubricants for the wind power industry has been designed to provide longer service life while reducing unsuspecting downtime and maintenance cost.
Application Product Name Base Oil Type Base Oil Viscosity
(In CST at 40°C)
Solid Lubricants Operating
Temperature (°C)
Blade Pitch Bearing WRG 460 Mineral 460 None/MoS2 -20 to 150 °C
Rotor Main Bearing/Yaw Bearing ELG Ultra 460 & 460M Mineral 460 None/MoS2 -20 to 220 °C
Generator Bearing POLYTHERM P1D Thermally Stable Mineral 120 None -20 to 200 °C
Yaw Open Gear/
Pitch Adjustment Open Gear
OGL FLUID GREASES Thermally Stable Mineral 1500 MoS2 & Graphite -20 to 150 °C
Main Gear-Box/
Auxillary Gear-Box
ULTRA Synol 320 PAO 320 N/A -20 to 260 °C


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