Anti-Seize Moly Paste

Torq’s Inorganic Clay based Moly Paste, Molex-B, is a heavy duty, highly concentrated Molybdenum Di sulphide based anti-seize specialty lubricant that is formulated to withstand high temperature and extreme pressure. Our Molex-B paste resists corrosion and helps protect critical parts and equipment performing under heavy load and extreme conditions.
Inorganic Clay based Moly Paste

Excellent Load Carrying Capacity

High Pressure Characteristics

Easy disassembly even under high temperature conditions

Protection during break-in


Excellent Pumpability for Automatic Dispensers

Rust & Corrosion Preventive


Fair Work Stability

Fair Low-Temperature Properties

Good Storage Stability

Product Name Base Oil Type Base Oil Viscosity (in CST at 40°C) Solid Lubricants Operating Temperature (°C)
MOLEX-B Mineral 460 MoS2 -20 to 450°C

Available in 1 kg | 5 kg | 18 kg | 180 kg

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