Chisel Paste

Torq’s Aluminium Complex based High Temperature Chisel Paste is an extreme pressure specialty lubricant with high film strength that protects against corrosion and fretting damage. Infused with high solid content in the form of Graphite and Copper, our Aluminium Complex based HT 700 Chisel Paste prevents premature wear, galling and seizing.
Aluminium Complex based Chisel Paste

Excellent Oxidation Resistance

Good Thermal Stability


Mechanical Stability

Excellent Pumpability

Low Noise Contribution

Good Thickening Effect

Good Lubricity

Long Tool Life

Good Release Effect

Age Resistant Composition

Extreme Pressure Properties

Product Name Base Oil Type Base Oil Viscosity (in CST at 40°C) Solid Lubricants Operating Temperature (°C)
HT 700 Chisel Paste Mineral 1000 MoS2 , Graphite & Micronized Copper -20 to 700°C

Available in 1 kg | 5 kg | 18 kg | 180 kg

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