High Speed Greases

Conventional greases cannot operate effectively at high speeds as the grease tends to warm up. This could cause damage to the machinery while failing to fulfil basic lubrication requirements. Torq’s Specialty High-speed Greases have been developed by adding special thickeners and oils that reduce friction and boost performance. When choosing a high speed grease, an important factor is the speed factor (NDM) of the bearing which has to be lubricated. All our high speed greases are suitable for use upto a N * Dm factor of 15,00,000.
Lithium 12-Hydroxystearate based High Speed Greases


Low Noise Contribution

Good Thermal Stability

Good Thickening Efficiency

Good Shear Stability

Good Lubricity

Product Name Base Oil Type Base Oil Viscosity (in CST at 40°C) Solid Lubricants Operating Temperature (°C)
RSG Mineral 32 PTFE -20 to 140°C
RSG-S Synthetic PAO 32 PTFE -20 to 160°C (at long intervals)

Available in 1 kg | 5 kg | 18 kg | 180 kg

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