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With industries always looking for ways to reduce down-time and increase efficiency, machineries have evolved and have replaced generalized lubrication solutions with specialized ones. Torq – a speciality grease manufacturer in India, is fast becoming a leading grease supplier for a multitude of industries looking for specialized applications. With fully in-house manufacturing, you can be assured of excellent quality control and faster turn-around times.

Our comprehensive range includes greases for specialized applications including high-temperature grease, food-grade grease, water-resistant grease, etc to high performance multi-purpose grease for general applications – all customized to suit the needs of your machinery. Fill out the form and we will get in touch with you shortly.

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A lack of lubrication can cause failure; but too much of
lubrication is often the primary cause of failure because —
the excessive lubricant causes high temperatures, which in
turn oxidizes the lubricant itself.

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