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Welcome to Tribo Lubricants

Tribo industries an independent lubricant manufacturer, specializing in the production of high quality, well-engineered lubricating products. Located on hot spot of Hyderabad- India, the plant is designed with flexible production facilities and houses a modern, well-equipped laboratory to conduct full analysis test to ensure product quality.

We have been an established and popular company with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction. We have never compromised on the quality and the services provided to the customer.

We believe in keeping the customers happy and providing them with products at a very competent price.
Our Mission is to provide the Indian marketplace with the highest quality of Speciality Lubricants encompassing all customer requirements for Automotive, Industrial, Mining, Marine and Metalworking.

Tribo Industries:

    • Operating in Hyderabad-India

    • Able to Supply Quality Assured Lubricants

    • Able to Provide an Efficient Delivery Service
    … With contingency stock always on hand and readily available

    • Will Provide Competitive Pricing

    • Will deliver Excellent Service and Professional Lubricant Advise.

Currently Tribo Industries is supplying more than 100 varieties of Specialty lubricant products to users in all the regions of India.


Only the best base oils are used from the virgin source and these are blended with world’s best additives under the most stringent processing and testing methodologies for manufacture Oils and Speciality Greases.

With the combination of our QC expertise and superior controlling systems, our customers are assured that all batches of product will be strictly tested (in accordance to ASTM standards) before packed.

Blend Plants

Tribo Industries blending plant; are quality assured and have latest blending and testing equipment.
The plant has various sizes of blending kettles which allow production batches up to 20 drums of Grease per
batch and 50 drums of oil per batch. Most blending tanks are fitted with heating coils, pump-around and mechanical agitators.

Product Range

A complete range of lubricating Greases and oils are available for Automotive, Mining, Marine and Industrial industries. The majority of common products are stocked ready at the plant. Also Tribo Industries can blend unique products if the need arises. Please contact us to discuss for any special products that may not normally be available.


Tribo Industries has a state of the art lab in house. Having an independent company analyse the results will also give an unbiased opinion. Technicians are prepared to monitor the test results and also give technical advice.

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